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a angle that is really werid

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Q: What does adjacent angles mean in math?
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What does adjacent mean in a math term?

Adjacent angles are two angles that share a mutual side. This is in geometry.

What does adjacent interior angles mean in math?

It means two angles inside a polygon that share a side.

What does adjacent mean in math?

In math, adjacent refers to two angles or sides that share a common vertex and side but do not overlap. Adjacent angles add up to 180 degrees in a straight line, while adjacent sides share a common endpoint or vertex.

What adjacent angles mean?

Adjacent angles are angles right next to each other

What is the math symbol for adjacent angles?

there is no symbol, you just say angle A is adjacent to angle B

What does adjacent mean in mathematics?

adjacent means that it is next to or beside.for example, two angles might be complimentary ( adds up to 90 degrees) and be next to each other. Let's say that the angles are angles x and angle y. We say in math that angle x is adjacent to angle y.

If two angles are complementary the they are adjacent?

Not necessarily, complementary angles have degrees that add up to 90. This does not mean they are adjacent, although they can be.

What does equal adjacent angles mean?

all are equil

What is the definition of adjacent in math terms?

Adjacent means that it is next to something. So, if you two intersecting lines, the angles that are right next to each other or that share a line are called "adjacent"

Whar is an adjacent angle?

adjacent angles mean next to, need a common ray or vertex.

What does adjacent mean in mathematical terms?

Adjacent means to angles next to each other . i think

When two angles in a plane share a vertex and a side but no common interior points?

Opposite angles Dur pay attention in math class