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Q: What does an infant demonstrate a preference for through facial expressions?
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Which nerve affects your sense of taste and facial expressions?

The facial nerve (cranial nerve VII) affects your sense of taste for the anterior two-thirds of the tongue and is responsible for controlling facial expressions through its motor functions.

What is the definition of dance facial expressions and emotion?

Facial expressions are when you describe the emotions of a dance with your face.x

What is the meaning of pasimology?

Pasimology refers to the study of facial expressions and their meanings. It involves analyzing the emotions and messages conveyed through different facial movements and expressions in communication.

Is the amygdala active when viewing facial expressions?

Yes, the amygdala is involved with our emotions which are often reflected by facial expressions.

Are facial expressions - anger or smile - acquired or we are born with them?

Facial expressions like smiling and anger are a combination of both innate and learned behaviors. While some expressions are instinctual and universal across cultures, others can be influenced by social norms and individual experiences. Overall, facial expressions are a complex interplay of nature and nurture.

What is an facial expression?

faical expressions are feelings of emotions. they are what people say mixed emotions. not all facial expressions are universal.

Nonverbal messages expressed through gestures eye contact and facial expressions are called?

body language.

Are facial expressions considered gestures?

Facial expressions are not typically considered gestures, as gestures are typically associated with movements of the hands or arms. However, facial expressions are a form of nonverbal communication that can convey emotions, attitudes, and intentions.

What are facial expressions?

Facial expressions are movements or changes in the face that convey emotions, feelings, or intentions. These expressions can include smiling, frowning, raising eyebrows, and squinting, among others. Facial expressions are a key component of nonverbal communication.

How can the latest console detect facial expressions?

in the device there is a motion control feature which also has the ability to detect facial expressions..:D

Why were facial expressions unimportant?


What is stimulus in drama?

facial expressions