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It means that there is an upper and lower bound or limit. There is the lower bound such that you exclude any smaller numbers, and an upper bound such that you exclude bigger numbers. What you do wit hnumbers that are equal to the bounds depends on the nature of the bounds.

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Q: What does bounded mean on a number line?
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What does quadrilateral mean in math?

It is a closed plane figure bounded by four straight line segments.

What is a plane figure that is bounded by a straight line?

A plane figure cannot be bounded by only one straight line. If the shape is bounded by lines which are not straight or by several straight lines the answer will depend on exactly what these are.

What line has two points in it?

Any piece of a line has an infinite number of points on it, whether it's straight or curved. A line segment is a section of a line bounded by two endpoints. A line is continuous, but a line segment, is a segment of a line.

What is the name of the plane figure bounded by three line?

A triangle.

What is an meaning for polygon?

polygon is a closed figure which is bounded by line segments.

Closed plane figure bounded by straight line segments?

A polygon

What is a closed figure bounded by three or more line segments?

A polygon.

Is Closed interval finite?

Assuming its endpoints are not equal, a closed interval of the real number line a has an infinite number of real numbers in it. Closed intervals of other ordered sets can have either a finite or an infinite number of elements. I am not sure I answered your question because I am not exactly sure what you are asking. Could you be more specific? Are you talking about a closed interval of the real number line or closed interval of some other ordered set? By finite do you mean 'containing a finite number of elements' or do you mean 'bounded by a finite number'.

Is a line a polygon?

No, a line is not a polygon. A polygon is a closed plane area bounded by straight sides. A line, by itself, does not contain an area.

What is a line segmet?

a line segment is a part of a line that is bounded by 2 end points, and contains every point on the line between its end points

What is mean by bounded input and bounded output?

A signal is bounded if there is a finite value such that the signal magnitude never exceeds , that is for discrete-time signals, or for continuous-time signal (Source:Wikipedia)

Is polyhedron is a two-dimensional figure bounded by line segments?

No.... False... APEX:)!