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Measures of central tendency are the mean, median, range, mode ect.

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Q: What does central tendency mean in math terms?
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What does the word central tendency mean in math?

"Central tendency" is a phrase comprising TWO words, it is not a word. Central tendency refers to the tendency of some data sets to collect around their middle value.

In math what is another word for average?

I believe there are two other expressions for average. One is 'mean', and the other is 'central tendency'.

What is the difference between central tendency and average or mean?

The average or mean is one measure of central tendency. There are several.

What is central tendency?

Though mean, median, and mode is central tendency, it is hard to put this into words.For an example:Your average grade in math class is an A. Though, how did you calculate that average? Well, since average means mean, you calculated that average using the method of central tendency, or in this situation, you found the mean.In other words, central tendency is just a method (mean, median and mode) to find the average, middle, and most occurring score or number in a set of data.I hope this helped! ;D~Lovingless

Why is it being called central tendency?

It is called central tendency because it represents the averages. Central tendency has three measurements: # Mean # Mode # Median

What are the importances of Central Tendency?

Central tendency is important because it is used to calculate an average on a collection of data. Central Tendency includes the mean, median, and mode.

Why do we use mean median mode and range to solve math problems?

We use mean for measure the central tendency and mode for observed most common value of observation.

How do you find an average from the measures of central tendency?

One of the measures of central tendency IS the average, also known as mean. You can't calculate the average from other measures of central tendency.

What is the prime measure of central tendency is the?


What central tendency is robust if an outlier is present?


What does measure of central tendency mean?

The three commonly used measures of central tendency are the mean, the median, and the mode. They are different ways of describing a "typical" member of the population.

What does principal mean in math terms?

principal(in terms of math)- the amount you borrow or deposit

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