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A digital signal is a physical signal that is a representation of a sequence of discrete values (a quantified discrete-time signal), for example of an arbitrary bit stream, or of a digitized (sampled and analog-to-digital converted) analog signal. The term digital signal can refer to either of the following:

  1. any continuous-time waveform signal used in digital communication, representing a bit stream or other sequence of discrete values
  2. a pulse train signal that switches between a discrete number of voltage levels or levels of light intensity, also known as a line coded signal or baseband transmission, for example a signal found in digital electronics or in serial communications, or a pulse code modulation (PCM) representation of a digitized analog signal.

A signal that is generated by means of a digital modulation method (digital passband transmission), to be transferred between modems, is in the first case considered as a digital signal, and in the second case as converted to an analog signal.

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Q: What does digital data mean?
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digital footprint means - data about you. Given by you and others from interactions in a digital world

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What do you mean by sample and holds in DA and AD converters?

DA means conversion of digital data into analogous and AD means conversion of analogous data into digital one.

What converts analog data to digital data and vice versa?

An analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) is used to convert analogue data into digital data for the computer system to process. A digital-to-anagloue converter (DAC) is used to convert digital data back into analogue data for output.

What is encoding technique?

There are four possible combinations of encoding techniques -Digital data, digital signal -Digital data, analog signal -Analog data, digital signal -Analog data, analog signal

What would you call a device that works with binary data?

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How to Generate digital data for bpsk modulation?

How to Generate digital data for bpsk modulation?

What type information system would be recognized by digital system?

A digital system can recognize digital data i.e. data only in form of 0 & 1, if data is not in digital form we have to convert it using analog to digital converters.

Is a PC process digital or analog data?


What is digital data representation?

process of representing data in digital form so it can be usedly a computer .

How do you convert digital data into digital signals?

Digital data can exist in several forms. As a file, it will reside on a disc or in memory of some sort and as a stream, it will exist as a signal of some kind. Therefore, digital signals are made up of digital data. They are simply data that are being moved from one location to another. To convert file data to a digital signal, it is necessary for a process to be run that will take the data in a file and convert to a stream of data in the appropriate format.

What is meant by digital data?

data that can read barcodes

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