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In the world of shipping, estimated delivery means when someone thinks a package will arrive at its destination.

When talking about a pregnancy, it is when someone, usually a doctor or nurse, thinks a baby will be born. When a woman gives birth to a child she is said to "deliver" the child, or the child is said to be delivered.

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Q: What does estimated delivery mean?
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What does EDD mean when having to do with pregnancy?

Estimated due date -Estimated date of delivery -Expected date of delivery -Estimated when a woman doesn't know when she conceived or if her dates and measurements don't match.Expected is as close to knowing when a baby will arrive as anyone gets without medical intervention. Only 10% of babies arrive on their expected date of delivery -

What is the full form of ETD?

estimated time of delivery

What exactly does edd stand for?

The meaning of the acronym EDD is an acronym for many of things. Such as, estimated delivery date, estimated due date, or expected date of delivery of a baby.

What is ETD?

Estimated Time of Delivery (among other meanings).

Estimated mail delivery Virginia to Ohio?

2 days

Estimated mail delivery Arizona to Kentucky?

3 days on average

What does GAEDD mean on a ultrasound picture?

I'm not an expert, but in Obstetrics GA usually refers to gestational age, and EDD usually is Estimated/Expected Date of Delivery, so I think it probably means the gestational age is consistent with the expected date of delivery.

What is the estimated delivery date of a phone?

That depends on when the company dispatched the phone - and the capability of the courier.

How can one check delivery status on Walsh Western?

When waiting for a delivery from Walsh Western one can usually get a tracking number so the package can be tracked to see the estimated delivery date and/or time.

What is the annual income of a labor and delivery nurse in Dallas Texas?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for registered nurses as of May 2008 is, $65,130.

What is the estimated delivery date for first class mail from phoenix arizona to monroe ga?

First class mail delivery takes 2 - 5 days.

What is mean by delivery challan?

Same as 'delivery note'.