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HGAL means 100 gallons on your water bill. The average person uses 100 per day

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Q: What does hgal mean on your water bill?
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What does usage mean on a water bill?

On a water bill, "usage" tells you how much water you have used and are being billed for.

Does hot water go onto water bill or electricity bill?

Hot WATER goes on the WATER bill, and making it probably goes on the electric bill.

What does it mean when water doesnt come out of your faucet?

It could be a number of reasons. Has any of your pipes frozen? Are all of the water valves turned on? Did you pay your water bill?

What does CGAL mean on utility bill under water usage?

Rate Per 100 gallons (cgal)

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Is a water bill considered a utility bill?

yes. Water companies are overseen by state utility regulators. They are utility companies. The water bill, therefore is a utility bill.

What is an average water bill in us?

£500 per a water bill for a month

What is utility bill mean?

It is a payment owed to a utility company for using electricity, or water, or natural gas, or sewer etc.

When heat and hot water isn't included in the rent does it mean having a separate water bill?

HEAT and hot water are probably fueled by gas, which probably means this is something your landlord does not provide.

Is it good that a water bill is more than an electric bill?

I am guessing that your water bill has suddenly increased. If that is the case, if it not good since it suggests a leak somewhere in your water line.

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Reproductive Health Bill