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Q: What does intelectual property mean?
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What does it mean when person is said to be deep?


What has the author Ricardo Metke written?

Ricardo Metke has written: 'Estudios de propiedad intelectual' -- subject(s): Intellectual property 'Procedimientos de propiedad industrial' -- subject(s): Industrial property 'Estudios de propiedad intelectual' -- subject(s): Intellectual property

What does Simon es intelectual y guapo mean in spanish?

It means: simon is intellectual and handsome

What has the author Mauricio Jalife Daher written?

Mauricio Jalife Daher has written: 'Competencia desleal' 'Propiedad intelectual' -- subject(s): Intellectual property

What does subsequent needs of individual mean?

something that can effect the individuals Physical, Social, Emotional and intelectual need

What is the synonyms for intelligent?

Smart, Intelectual

What actors and actresses appeared in Autor intelectual - 1996?

The cast of Autor intelectual - 1996 includes: Jesus Angulo Juan Ignacio Aranda Erick Salinas

What is the name of the organ for the large intestine?

The intelectual areas

What has the author A L Figueira Barbosa written?

A. L. Figueira Barbosa has written: 'Sobre a propriedade do trabalho intelectual' -- subject(s): License agreements, Law and legislation, Technology transfer, Industrial property

How do you find engineering drawings?

It depends on what type of engineering drawings. If you want cutsheets for equipment, most manufacturers have drawings on their websites. But if you are looking for construction or assembly drawings manufacturers or companies will not have them available outside the company since these would be intelectual property.

What does intelectual mean in english?

1. adj., referring to understanding or to intellectual people.2. s masc. / fem., a person who focuses upon activities requiring especial intelligence.

What is commutative distributed property mean?

what is commutative and distributed property mean