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Q: What does it mean to justify each step in an expressssion?
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How do you simplify each expression justify each step?


Solve the equation Justify each step?

You kind of need to know the problem?

Why is it important to justify each step in solving an integer problem?

So that anyone looking at your answer is able to work out each step you've taken to get to your final result. It also means if you make a mistake, you can easily find where you have made the mistake

Justify each step which are conjecture 2x 2 equals 50?

If you mean: 2x squared = 50 Divide both sides by 2: x squared = 25 Square root both sides: x = 5

How do you evaluate expression 43 plus 68 plus 57 and justify with each step?

do 43+57 which is 100 then do 100+68 which is 168 the answer is 168

What does it mean to justify each step in an expression?

it means to show your work. How you got all the answers in between, not just the final answer. This is basically almost always used in the concept of order of operations. FYI, i'm only in 6 grade :D

Could you write y equals seven over 2 x minus 6 in standard form show your work and justify each step?

yes you can

What do logical sequence mean?

It means that each step can be derived logically from steps that went before.

What do we call each step that makes up a reaction mechanism?

Each step in a reaction mechanism is referred to as an elementary step.

What does she took a wrong step mean?

What she took the wrong step mean

What does funky two-step mean?

what donee funk two- step mean

What are the steps in the water cycle and what happends at each step?

What are the steps in the water cycle and what happens at each step