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It means you replace each instance of the given variable with the given value.

For instance, you have the following equation:

A(A+2A)= B

Then someone says to "substitute the value '4' for each instance of 'A'.

You'd just replace them, and get:

4 ( 4 + 2(4)) = B

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Q: What does it mean to substitute a given value for each variable in an algeraic expression?
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Evaluate the variable expression for x equals 3?

Take 3 and substitute into the expression given to you but not mentioned in the question here and evaluate the expression. "Sub and Solve" I say.

What is a subsitute given value for each variable in an algebraic expression?

Say you have an algebraic expression y = 3x +4 For a given value of x = 5 substitute that number in place of x in the expression, so in this case y = 3(5) + 4 = 19

How do you do evaluate expression?

You have to substitute a value for the letter variable in the expression. This is what we call evaluating the algebraic expression. An example would be 3x+1=7, when x=2.

How do you find the value of an algebraic expression by substituting a number for each variable and simplifying?

The answer to the question is given in the question!If you want to find the value of an algebraic expression, then you need to substitute numerical values for each of the variables in the expression, and then calculate and simplify the result.

What do you need to be given to evaluate an algebraic expression?

A variable

What does it mean to evaluate an expression?

To evaluate an expression is nothing but to operate the given expression according to the operators given in the expression if it is evaluable i.e, it could be convertable.

What is the given variable to y2 - 7y 8 16?

Simplify each expression

What is to substitute for a variable and perform the given operations?

that means to replace the variable with it's value, and then do all the mathematical symbols as normal (+-x/)

What is the Definition to function?

a table used to show values of the variable expression for a given function

What is m in 5m -3 -18?

It is a variable which, in the given expression, can have any value you like.

What does it mean to find the value of an algebraic expression?

When a given set of values for the variables are substituted in the expression the result is the value of the expression.

Evaluate each expression for the given value of the variable 4m-6.5m2?

4x2-6.5 = 2.5