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I know, their showing you how to "Heel-an-Toe,, they heard this is how to get all your DUCKS in a row, er.. I think.

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Q: What does it mean when 9 furry caterpillars crawling head to tail across your way?
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How do you describe the head of a dog?

A furry head with 2 eyes and a snout and a mouth.

How furry is a platypus?

The platypus is completely covered, from head to foot, with thick, velvety, waterproof fur. Its legs are also furry.

Do caterpillars have to heads?

No, caterpillars only have one head and two eyes. It is very rare for an animal/human to have 2 heads.

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jump over his head

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it feels like something is crawling in my back and my head why?

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How do caterpillars detach their head and why?

they detach teir head by walking up to a chicken and asking very politly the reason they do this is because they know the chickens are hungry and they want to eat

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There are a variety of poisonous caterpillars around the world including the bag shelter caterpillar from Venezuela and south Brazil, the puss caterpillar, the sabbleback caterpillar and the cinnibar moth caterpillar.

What kind of bugs have long antennas coming out the head and out of the rear-end?

Many types of caterpillars have long antennae coming out of the head and the rear end. These include the wooly caterpillar.

What kind of caterpillars are green and black with a yellow head and have a long tail looking thing on the back?

i don't know but i have seen one

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Your head will itch, and the live insects can be seen crawling next to your scalp. If you have had them for several days, the nits will also be visible at the hair roots.