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Q: What does nearest relative not living with you mean?
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What animals are the same as koalas?

There is no animal the same as a koala. Its nearest living relative is the wombat.

What are the pronghorns nearest living relative?

The only surviving member of the family Antilocapridae, of which there were once 12 species, the pronghorn has no living relatives.

What is the nearest relative of small dinosaurs?

The closes living relatives to all dinosaurs large and small are birds.

Can you inherit your dead cousins un-paid home without a will?

If you are the nearest relative and there is no living immediate family.

If a child dies with no will do parents and siblings share equally in the estate?

Unless the "child" is an adult there generally is no estate. If they are an adult the relative nearest to them inherits For instance, my estate would go to my mother since she is my nearest living relative.

Who pays for the funeral if the person that died was on dasability?

it will be their estate, nearest living relative and if none of those options are available then the government.

What is the nearest surviving relative of the giant deer?

The nearest surviving relative is the Fallow Deer

What is mean by next of kin?

Next of kin means a person's nearest relative. Kin = family.

Is kin and relative a synonym or antonym?

They are synonymous to each other. Example: My brother is my nearest kin; My brother is my nearest relative.

Can life insurance beneficiaries be changed when someone has alzheimer's?

If a life insurance beneficiary has alyztimers and is in a nursing home, can the power of attorney or nearest living relative receive it?

What is Yemen's Relative location(nearest)?


Does Albert Nippon have a relative still living?

Well if you mean ancestors then he must have because he had grandchildren and so on.