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Expansion of the Binomial a+b

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Q: What does pascals triangle relate the coefficients to?
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How is the pascal triangle and the binomial expansion related?

If the top row of Pascal's triangle is "1 1", then the nth row of Pascals triangle consists of the coefficients of x in the expansion of (1 + x)n.

What are some cool fact on pascals triangle?

Pascal's triangle is a triangular array where each number is the sum of the two numbers above it. The numbers in the triangle have many interesting patterns and relationships, such as the Fibonacci sequence appearing diagonally. Additionally, the coefficients of the binomial expansion can be found in Pascal's triangle, making it a useful tool in combinatorics and probability.

Examples of Pascals triangle?

Pascal's triangle

Who first named the triangle pascals triangle?


How are Predation coefficients relate the number?

Predation coefficients relate the number of prey killed to the production of predator offspring.

What are the multiples of 5 within pascals triangle?

The Sierpinski Triangle

In what situation can we use pascals triangle?

pascals triangle is used to solve math problems that have chance of 2 different outcomes, such as flipping a coin

What is pascals triangle it is a restaurant in Norway and a tringle?

Pascal's triangle is a convenient listing of the coefficients obtained from raising a binomial to a whole number power. The triangle begins with 1 in the first row, 1,2,1 in the second, 1,3,3,1 in the third, 1, 4,6,4,1 in the fourth row and so on. These numbers represent the coefficients of (x+y)^ 0, (x+y)^1, (x+y)^2, (x+y)^3 and (x+y)^4.

Why did Blaise Pascal invent pascals triangle?

Pascal didn't invent pascals triangle, he just made It popular. A Chinese mathematician invented it in about 1015.

When was pascals triangle discovered?

in the 11th century...

What are the examples of pascals triangle?


What is the answer to 7C3 using pascals triangle?