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Q: What does point evidence and explanation mean?
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How can you explain the literature term PEE?

PEE stands for Point, Evidence, and Explanation. It is a framework used to structure analytical paragraphs in literature essays. The point is the main argument or idea, the evidence is supporting quotes or examples from the text, and the explanation is the analysis that connects the evidence back to the point to show its significance.

What in the PEE rule in English and History?

Point Evidence Explanation Link PEEL in English means Point-making your point Evidence- Show your evidence Explanation- Explain why Link- Linking your explanation to your evidence and point for example The guy over the road is unappealing, the evidene showing this is that he has spots and hairs all over his body, this suggests he is very unappealing to woman, because of the way he looks.

What is pee that you use in English?

To urinate. It actually means Point, Evidence, and Explanation.

What is peef paragraph?

p - point- make a point e -evidence- back up the evidence e- explanation - what does this mean f - feelings- how the audience feels peef paragraphs are mainly used when using advertisements also in drama if that's the main reason you came on this site's

What does a explanation point mean?

It expresses excitement. It expresses excitement.

What is point proof explan?

Point, Proof, and Explanation, or PPE, is an English structure for papers. You begin by making your point about the subject, then provide evidence as your proof, and then explain how it works.

How do you use point evidence explanation?

You can refer it to PEE to shorten it. This is an example: "One element of content is the 2 hearts. POINT "One of the ways they are given meaning is through their colour". EVIDENCE "Green is often the color of jealousy, implying the love can be envious". EXPLANATION (PEE) *(sorry if it is too short or not what your looking)*

Is a hypothesis an answer to a question?

A hypothesis is a proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation - therefore not an answer

What does 'how are the characters of Billy Weaver and the landlady presented in the story' PEE question-mean?

In this PEE (Point, Evidence, Explanation) question, you are asked to analyze and discuss how the characters of Billy Weaver and the landlady are portrayed in the story. You would need to provide specific examples from the text (Evidence) to support your analysis and explain how those examples demonstrate the characteristics and traits of each character (Explanation).

What is a logical hypothesis?

A logical hypothesis is a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

What does the light with the explanation point and little things sticking out around it mean on a ford windstar 2000?

What does it mean when explanation mark with rings around d it on a Ford windstar

What is a supporting explanation?

A supporting explanation is a clarification or additional information provided to help reinforce a point, argument, or idea. It serves to provide context, detail, or evidence to strengthen the main claim being made.