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it means stop right there

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Q: What does put your foot doowm mean?
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What does it mean when you put a bracelet on your foot?

It is an anklet

What does baja la pierna mean in spanish?

Baja la pierna mean lower your foot or to put your foot down.

What does stick foot in the mud mean?

Omg... it means to put the penis in the vagina... dummy

What rhymes with many put it in a sentence?

what rhymes with mean? Kenny what rhymes with put? foot idk what your asking hope it helps

Where do you put a foot note?

You would put it at the foot, or bottom, of the page.

What does 'Put your best foot forward' mean?

It means start out in the best way you can; begin any effort with your best.

What does the phrase to put your foot in it mean?

The full idiom is "to put your foot in your mouth." It means that you have accidentally said something really embarrassing. An example would be if you told a friend "Those children are really behaving badly -- their parents must not discipline them at all" and then you found out that the kids were your friend's children! That would be "putting your foot in your mouth" or "putting your foot in it."

What does stick one's foot in one's mouth mean?

It is when a person says something accidentally or stupid and the listener is embarrassed The image is of you opening your mouth, and you accidentally kick yourself in it because you are clumsy; you have "put your foot in it" and said something you should not have said. To put your foot in your mouth means ''to say something foolish''.

Can you put foot in a sentence?

Sammy twisted her right foot.

Is it possible for you to put your foot behind your head?

yes,but most people can not put their foot all the way behind their head.Some people who are very flexible probably can put their foot behind their head.

How do you turn on a dime?

You put a dime on the floor, place the ball of your foot on it and then just turn on the ball of your foot. That is turning on a dime. Also used to mean a vehicle which can turn in a very short radius.

What is the definition of to put one's foot in it?

To put one's foot in it - is to make a blunder, to say something that you should not have said.