What does return to value mean?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What does return to value mean?
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What does a return value of zero from printf mean?

empty format-string.

Difference in using a method that return value and method that does not return value in object orinted programming?

A method that return a value should have a return statement. The method signature should indicate the type of return value. While in the case of a method that does not return a value should not have a return statement and in the signature, the return type is void. When using a method that doesn't return a value, a programmer can not get a value from that function, but instead, it can only change variable values and run other methods.

Why do you have to use the return type for the main function in c language i mean to what does the main function have to return the value to?

It returns the value to the operating system or whatever process launched it. If you launched your program from a batch file then the batch file can detect this return value. If your program is spawned or launched by another program then the return value goes to that parent prgoram or process. One more thing is that you can write main() without the return type and it will be absolutely correct

Can we perform bitwise circular shift in c?

Yes: unsigned char CircLeft (unsigned char value) { if (value&0x80) return (value<<1) + 1; else return (value<<1); } unsigned char CircRight (unsigned char value) { if (value&0x01) return (value>>1) + 0x80; else return (value>>1); }

How many types of function in C?

Well, it depends on what you mean by the type of a function. There are user defined functions and library functions.

If an investment project has a positive net present value then the internal rate of return is?

Positive present value indicates a successful investment. In terms of rate of return, a positive present value basically indicates that returns will be higher than the specified rate of return. Zero present values mean returns will meet your specified rate exactly. Negative present values mean returns will be less than required.

What is wrong with not writing a return statement in value-returning method in java?

It is a syntax error, because a value returning method must return a value, and not writing a return statement with a value is tantamount to returning without a value.

How do you return a value in a PHP function?

Below is a simple example of how you could return a value in a PHP function. <?php function returnme($value) { return $value; } echo returnme('hello'); // outputs: hello ?>

Can you use printf as a return value?

No, it is a function. But printf does return a value: the number of characters it has written.

What does it mean when people say U. S. residents please affix 1.05 postage to your return envelope does it mean you send 1.05 or send stamps?

It means that your return envelope must have stamps stuck ON IT to the value of 1.05.

What statement returns a value from a function?


CAN Overloaded functions can return default values?

I'm not sure I understand you as it wouldn't make sense for a function to return a default value. Do you actually mean can a function return an argument that has a default value? If so, then yes. Any argument passed to a function, whether defaulted or not, can be returned by the same function. If the argument is passed by value then you must return it by value. If passed by reference (which cannot be defaulted) then you can either return by reference or by value. However, if you pass by non-constant reference then you can just use the reference as an output argument, and use the actual return value for some other purpose, such as reporting any error condition(s) created by the function. Overloaded functions are no different to ordinary functions, the only criteria is that each overload has an unique signature. The return value does not form any part of the signature, thus signatures cannot differ by return type alone.