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Q: What does the class notation IWS mean?
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What does the letters IWS stand for?

The letters IWS stand for the International Wrestling Syndicate or the german company Immobilien Wolfgang Schlimgen. It can also mean International Warranty Service.

What movie and television projects has Rodney Lloyd Anthony Kellman been in?

Rodney Lloyd Anthony Kellman has: Played Dru Onyx in "IWS: Body Count" in 2003. Played Dru Onyx in "IWS: Freedom to Fight" in 2003. Played Dru Onyx in "IWS: Scarred 4 Life" in 2003. Played Dru Onyx in "IWS: Seasons Beatings" in 2003. Played Dru Onyx in "IWS: Hardcore Heat" in 2003. Played Dru Onyx in "IWS: Know Your Enemies" in 2003. Performed in "Mambo italiano" in 2003. Played Dru Onyx in "NWA: 57th Anniversary Series" in 2005. Played Dru Onyx in "IWS: Breakout" in 2006. Played Dru Onyx in "IWS: Born to Bleed" in 2006. Played Dru Onyx in "NWA Quebec: Vindication" in 2007.

What does ABS class notation ABS Load Line mean?

ABS stands for Amateur Butt Slapping.

What does no extradition mean?

Unless thee is some wording missing from the question, it seems to be a notation for a "D" class misdemeanor offense, accompanied by a notation that no extradition (from another state) will be authorized.

ABS class notation TCM what does it mean?

Tailshaft Condition Monitoring (TCM) - This notation is assigned to vessels with tailshafts specifically arranged with oil-lubricated stern tube bearings, complying with the requirements of the ABS Guide for Classification Notation Tailshaft Condition Monitoring (TCM).

What is the default mask for class A in CIDR notation?


What does the class notation LMC mean?

This notation will be assigned when the propulsion and essential auxiliary machinery has been constructed, installed and tested under Lloyd's Register's Special Survey in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. (LR Machinery Certificate).

What is 100 in scientific notation?

The number 100 in scientific notation is 10,000. This is taught in math class.

What is the airport code for West Houston Airport?

The airport code for West Houston Airport is IWS.

What is 1.5x106 in standard notation?

If you mean 1.5*10^6 in scientific notation then it is equivalent to 1,500,000 in standard notation

What does the number and word notation mean in math?

Two hundred and five is word notation. 205 is number notation.

ABS class notation circle E what does it mean?

Circle E, is a ABS classification symbol that signifies that the equipment of anchors and chain cables of the vessel is in compliance with the requirements of the Rules.