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Q: What does the expression dime dancing mean?
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What does expression mean in dance?

Expression which is shown on face while dancing

What are the release dates for Dancing on a Dime - 1940?

Dancing on a Dime - 1940 was released on: USA: 1 November 1940

What does the dime mean?

A dime is equal to 10 cents.

What does the coin dime mean?

A dime is equal to 10 cents.

What does it mean to dime you out?

Rat/Snitch/Narc/drop the dime/tell.

What is the Mormon view on dancing?

The LDS (Mormon) people host many events which include dancing. Dancing is viewed as a form of expression and fun. Full body contact while dancing such as "grinding" is discouraged.

What is the purpose of singing and dancing?

Entertainment, solace, comfort, enjoyment, expression etc.

What does it mean when someone calls you a dime?

A Dime is a nice looking chick (girl).

What are some passtimes people enjoyed in Tajikistan?

People in Tajikistan enjoyed dancing. Its was a form of expression. Some people are Also famous for dancing.

What does Barack Obama think about dancing?

Barack Obama has been seen dancing at various events during his presidency and afterwards. It is clear that he enjoys dancing and sees it as a form of self-expression and celebration.

What were the medical measures used to fight the Black death?

Dancing well really there is no cure for the black death not even doctors could help. The answer is not dancing that is a dime answer so it is really no cure

What does Dime Donde mean?

you tell me where