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Q: What does the rate 1/12 hours divided by dollars mean​?
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How do you calculate the actual labor rate when the standard rate is not given?

The actual rate is the total dollars divided by total hours or pieces. The actual formula is not dependant on any standard rate. The rate variance, however, cannot be determined without the standard rate. The rate variance is the difference between actual rate and standard rate.

What is the rate for 18 dollars for 8 books?

The rate is $2.25 per book ($18 divided by 8 books).

How do you calculate the fatal accident rate - accident incident rate - lost time accident frequency rate and accident severity rate of a company?

fatal accident rate is number of fatal accidents x 100,000 divided by the total hours worked. Accident incident rate is the total number of accidents x 100,000 divided by the total hours worked. accident severity rate is the total days lost x 1,000 divided by the total hours worked

How do you charge 12.45 hours in dollars?

Multiply 12.45 by an hourly rate. At 10 dollars an hour, that's $124.50

What is the unit rate of 20 miles in 2 hours?

20 divided by 2 = 10

What is the exchange rate of Poland currency into dollars?

You'll have to be more specific as to the type of dollars you mean.

What is the earned money after working 40 hours at five dollars per hour and 5 hours overtime at a rate equal to one half times regular rate?


David drove 780 miles in 12 hours at the same rate how long would it take him to drive 455 miles?

780 miles in 12 hours would mean he's going 65 mph. 780 divided by 12 is 65. So he would do 455 miles in 7 hours. 455 divided by 65 is 7.

How do you equate 46000 dollars a year to dollars per hour?

It's roughly $22.12 an hour. Take the annual rate and divide by 2080 (the number of hours in a work year) and you will get the hourly rate.

How to Calculate severity rate?

severity rate= days lost by workers* 1,00,000 divided by number of hours worked

How do you explain salary payment but given hourly rate against hours worked per week?

The formula would be, hours worked x dollars/hour = dollars. So for example, if you work for 30 hours, at the rate of $20/hour, that results in a payment of $600 (before deductions - there are withholding taxes, etc.).

What is the Average rate in miles per hour?

(number of miles covered) divided by (number of hours for the trip)