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It is the total number of Golf club strokes, that a specific course was designed to be played in for 18 holes.

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Q: What does the term ''Par 70'' mean in golf?
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What is the normal par for a golf course?

Most will be 70 or 72 for 18 holes.

The total par on most 18 hole golf courses are what?

72 or 70

If a golf score changed from 1 below par to 5 above par how could the score change?

The score would change by increasing 6 strokes - like from -1 to +5. For instance, if the golf course was par 70, 69 would be one under and 75 would be 5 over par. Remember, in golf the lower the score the better. Making par for 18 holes is very difficult for most golfers. Berney Trembly

What percent of golfers actually ever break 70?

Of all the amateur golfers, only 1 percent 70 on a par-72 golf course in their entire career.

Do all golf courses have the same amount of pars for 18 holes?

They all have 18 pars, but not all have the same number of par 3s, par 4s and par 5s. Some courses have a total par of 72, while others have a total par of 71, and some even have total par of 70.

What is the name for three under par in golf?

An albatross (has happened more than 80 times since late 70's)

What do golf shots boogie eagle mean?

You are probably refering to a "bogey" and an "eagle". Each hole on a golf course has a specific number of shots it should take a player to get his/her golfball from tee to hole(cup). This number is refered to as "par". There are par 3,4, and 5 holes on a golf course. On an eighteen hole course, these holes combine for a total of par 70-72 depending on how many par 3,4, and 5 holes the course contains. If a person takes 3 strokes on a par 4, this would be a "birdie" ( 1 under par on that hole). The scoring for a par 4 hole is like this: 2 over (6)= double bogey 1 over (5)= bogey even (4)= par 1 under (3)= birdie 2 under (2)= eagle Hope this is what you are looking for.

How many pars in a 18 hole golf course?

Each hole and every course has its own predetermined par. Par is the standard number of strokes set for each hole or for the entire course. there are 4 par 3's, 10 par 4's and 4 par 5's There are always 18 pars on an 18 hole golf course. Par is considered to be the score an expert should require to finish a particular hole. now, perhaps the above (4 par 3's, 10 par 4's and 4 par 5's) is true on a "standard" or regulation (par 72) course. But there are also courses that are par 69, 70, 71, 73 and so on. These will obviously not follow the standard breakdown. Then also consider "executive" courses, consisting of only par 3's and par 4's. These are often par 58 but again, these can vary as well.

What did the term granddaddy mean in the 70's?

It meant chillin

What state is Oakmount golf course located?

Oakmount golf course is located in PA just outside of Pittsburgh OAKMONT, Pa. in western Pennsylvania Site: Oakmont, Pa. Status: Finished Course: Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont Golf Course (7,355 yards, par 70) Purse: $6,800,000.00

What is the standard average for par on an 18 hole course?

The "standard" is 72, but there are many, many courses where par is 71 or even 70.

How is the cut line determined for the British Open Golf Championship?

After two rounds, the top 70 players and ties make the cut. This means that the players ranked 1-70 in the field make the cut, but if the 70th person is on say even par, all players on even par make the cut also. It is quite difficult to understand, but if a player is placed 71 or worse after two rounds they will not make the cut.

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