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An decimal is an point that separates a whole number from its fractional part expressed as fractions of ten (tenths, hundredths, etc.)

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Q: What does the word decimal mean in math?
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What does the word unit mean in math?

the digit before the decimal point in decimal notation, representing an integer less than ten.

What does the word relative frequency as a decimal mean in math?

It is the observed frequency divided by the total number of observations, expressed as a percentage.

Math word for 2 places after the decimal?

tenths place

What does bar notation mean in math?

the repeating term of a decimal

What does the decimal 0.1 mean in 4 grade math?

The grade of math makes no difference whatsoever to the meaning.

What is 90.91 as a decimal?

That is a decimal. ------------ if u mean what is it in other forms of math then its 90.91% and i cant remember how to do fraction

What does the word key in math's vocabulary mean?

what does key mean in math

What does the word accuracy mean when your dealing with math?

It means accuracy within a stated criteria as for example working out a problem to the nearest 3 decimal places

What does decimal mean in math terms?

It's the adjectival form of ten.

What does 24 percent stand for in math?

In Math, 24 percent can mean 0.24 in decimal or 24/100 in fraction.

What does period mean in math class?

A period could represent a decimal point.

What does non-teminating decimal mean in math?

It keeps on going; it doesn't stop.