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It means that some arithmetic operations are more "important" than others. For example, when you want to figure out:

2 + 3 * 5

you do not just go from left to right adding 2 plus 3, and then multiplying that result by 5.

In algebra and arithmetic, multiplication takes priority over addition, so you do the multiplication first, and then the addition, The order of operations is

2 + 3 *5 (do multiplication first)

2 + 15 (then addition)


You can remember the importance of operations by the phrase "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally". The first letters tell you the order of operations from most important to least important.

P in "Please" stands for Parentheses ( ) - they are most important

E in "Excuse" stands for Exponents like 32

M and D in "My Dear" stands for Multiplication and Division

A and S in "Aunt Sally" stands for Addition and Subtraction - they come last

Another acronym used is BOMDAS.


(power) Of





BODMAS can also be used as Multiplication and Division have equal precedence. In other words they are done left to right, whichever comes first. So in 3*5/2, the multiplication is done first and in 3/5*2 the division is done first. The same applies when addition and subtraction occur in the same calculation, in that they are done left to right.
it means







you have to do it in order

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Q: What does the word order of operations mean?
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