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you have to brains

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Q: What does this saying mean two heads?
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What does it mean when you dream of having two heads?

A dream of having two heads is probably the subconscious mind's way of saying that the dreamer has two contradicting beliefs, or is "of two minds" regarding some issue.

What does the saying 'heads up' mean?

There is something coming your way, normally a ball.

Does bicephalus also mean two brains?

I would imagine that if you had two heads, you would have two brains. Bicephalus means to have two heads.

What does bicephalous mean?

Bicephalous means having two heads (i.e. some aliens or monsters have two heads).

What is dudo?

Dudo is a flying Pokemon with two heads. It evolves into a Pokemon with 3 heads. And I believe you mean Doduo ;)

What are two of the most common customs of Judaism?

1) Saying blessings on everything we eat and drink. 2) Keeping our heads covered.

How could someone misunderstand two heads are better than one?

Someone could misunderstand the phrase "two heads are better than one" by taking it literally to mean that two people physically sharing a single head would be more advantageous. However, the phrase is actually a metaphorical way of saying that collaboration and teamwork lead to better outcomes and decisions.

What does the saying 'two dogs' mean?

it means mean ol' meanyit means mean ol' meany

What does battleaxe mean?

An axe used for battles, with two heads, one on each side.

Can turtles have two heads?

Yes, it can have a mutation which causes it to have two heads.

What is the Geico pig saying sliding down the road?

Heads up

How would a turtle have two heads?

If the turtle was mutaded then it would have two heads