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Q: What does two equal signs and a d mean?
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What does equal interval in math terms mean?

Two intervals (a, b) and (c, d) are said to be equal if b - a = d - c.

What does a backwards D with an equal sign in the middle mean?

=D is a cheesy grin :)

What does D equal in Arabic numerals?

Assuming you mean the Roman letter D used to represent a number: D = 500

What does 'equal to the sum' mean?

"the same as the others added together" For example: a=b+c+d a is equal to the sum of b plus c plus d. 9=2+3+4

When multiplying two integer what are the four possible combination of sign how can they be grouped into two integers?

The four possible combinations are:A = (+, +)B = (+, -)C = (-, +) andD = (-, -)In A and D, the two numbers have the same signs and the multiplication gives a positive answer.In B and C, the two numbers have different signs and the multiplication gives a negative answer.

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