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I can only assume that the term 'value' in product design holds the same meaning as it does in branding and advertising.

Value is a measurement and indication of a product's intangible worth. A new product does not hold any tangible worth as it has no record of monetary success or market share etc., it can only be predicted. A product can be deemed to hold great value if it represents as something which has the potential to achieve great success - i.e. has a strong USP, offers great margins, is highly transferable, is greatly innovative etc.

Value in product design can be obtained and increased by including/ emphasising/ exploiting aspects of the product that are likely to encourage purchase. This can be extended further by saying that a product, though may not sell very well, still holds great worth if it supports the brand by acting as an augmentation, facilitating brand strength and worth, thus a greater external success.

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Q: What does value mean in product design?
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What does client mean in product design?

A client in product designing mean a needer who need a design for its product.

What does product demographic mean?

'Product demographic' refers to the segment of society that a product will provide the best sales of the product. A company must know the correct demographic for a product in order to design it to appeal to that demographic and design the sales activities to target that demographic.

What after MSc in product design?

Masters in Science in Product Design

What Does Design Fault mean?

A design fault refers to a flaw or issue in the design of a product that makes it less safe, effective, or efficient. It can lead to defects, malfunctions, or failures in the product during normal use. Identifying and correcting design faults is critical to ensure product quality and user satisfaction.

What do you mean by NRE cost in a system design?

It mean Non-Recurring Engineering cost which means the cost to pay for a team to research, develop, design, and test a new product.

What is Product design philosophy?

Product design philosophy is how the designer works... it's how he thinks you should design a product, it are his personal guide lines

What is the difference between product functionality and product design?

Product functionality is what it does. Product design is what it looks like/how it's built.

When was IF product design award created?

IF product design award was created in 1954.

What is a product design?

Any product example it may be in cunsumer goods, industries etc if they need to launch a new product they need to design a product. the product design consists of cocept to DFM(design for Manufactring). Once the cocept designer come up with a rough design,the product prototype is build with all the product fuctinality finally the product is build as per the product design. From the product design we can know the all the study about product and its functionality

How does product design influence the design process?

For some information on how product design impacts design process, check out the related link.

What are the 2 divisions of chemical engineering design?

The two divisions of chemical engineering design are process design and product design. Process design involves designing the overall process that will be used to manufacture a product, while product design focuses on designing the product itself to meet certain specifications and requirements.

Are there courses for product design?

Yes there are Foundation,BA ,MA, Phd coures in Product Design