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It is the start of a question. A statement would then follow as part of the question. It is asking you to read that statement and carry out the instructions in the first part of the question.

Without the statement it is not possible to answer the question.

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Q: What does write an expression for the following statement mean?
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What do you mean by statements in C?

A statement in C is an expression terminated with a semi-colon. That is, a semi-colon turns an expression into a statement.

What do you mean by statements in C program?

A statement in C is an expression terminated with a semi-colon. That is, a semi-colon turns an expression into a statement.

What does the word expression mean?

When someone is using "word" as an expression, ussualy have some of the following meanings : "I agree" "On my word" or "I am a man of my word/you are a man of your word"? "You have my word on it"

How does write statement differ from writeln statement?

I think you mean written statement. What you are asking about write statement you are confusing with written statement, the same with write in statement. A written statement is simply putting your words, or your version of events in writing.

The arguments in an IF function are?

IF, in C and C++, is not a function - it is a statement. There are two parameters... if (expression) statement; The expression is evaluated. If it has logical result true, or arithmentic result not zero, the statement is executed; if not, the statement is not executed. The statement can be a single statement, in which it is terminated with a semi-colon, or it can be a block of statements, in which it is surrounded by braces.

What does numerical expression mean in math?

A numerical expression is an expression that uses number. For example, if a teacher told you to write four plus six subract two , you would simply write it in number form. 4+6-2.

What does 'write a verbal expression' mean in math?

That probably means that you describe something in words.

When I start walking to the baseball field?

What do you mean? Your statement is not a question, please re-write it.

What does exclaming mean?

It means an expression of surprise, pain or anger, etc and is denoted in print with this mark: ! Often people say or write 'exclamation' when they mean 'exclamation mark'.

What if your need is greater than mine write an incident in your life when this statement has come to your mind what do you mean by this statement?

"Your need is greater than mine"

What might the following statement mean The wise leader achieves results but does not glory in them?

I dont

Does evaluate each expression and write each power as a product of the same factor mean the same thing?