What even times odd equals?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Odd numbers have a special property that when multiplied by any odd number, the product will always be odd.

(The only exceptions are for different bases and modulus.)

Examples include




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Q: What even times odd equals?
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What is odd even equal?

odd even witch is terms for odd times even equals even

Will the answer to an even number times an odd number be even or odd?

it would be even. for example 2 times 3 equals 6 and 11 times 20 equals 220 so it would be even

Do an odd and an odd equal an odd?

No -an odd and an odd equals even ( 5+3=8) -an even and an odd equals odd (2+3=5) -an even and an even equals even (4+6=10)

Is even times even odd?

even times even = even odd times even = even odd times odd = odd

Is even times even?

even times even = even odd times even = even odd times odd = odd

What is even times even equal?

even times even = even odd times odd = odd even times odd = even

Is an odd number times an eveen number always even?

Yes. Odd times odd is odd. Odd times even is even. Even times even is even.

Why is odd times odd numbers always odd numbers?

In the same way that and odd plus and even is always odd. For example, 7*3 = (7+7) odd + odd = even , then add +7, apply rule that odd + even = odd and get that it equals 21.

Odd minus even equals?


How can you determine whether the sum of several numbers such as 13 plus 45 plus 24 plus 17 is even or odd without actually calculating the sum?

Even plus even equals even. Odd plus odd equals odd. Odd plus even equals odd. 13 + 45 (odd plus odd) will be even. Even plus 24 will be even. Even plus 17will be odd. 13 + 45 + 24 + 17 will be odd.

Odd ( even ) ( odd ) even .... ( even ) ( 15 times ) is odd or even?

it is even

Odd number minus an even number equals?

an odd number.