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Landmasses , map projections that show the correct size of landmasses are called equal-area maps. In order to show the correct size of the landmasses, the map usually distort shapes . This distortion is usually greater at the edges of the map and less at the center

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2009-08-31 22:51:59
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Q: What feature is distorted on an equal area map?
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What map shows area correctly but the shapes of the areas are distorted?


Is an airplane pilot map an equal area map?


Does an equal-area map or a mercator map show the true size of Australia?

A equal-area map shows the "true" size of Australia.

Disadvantages of a map?


Where is a cylindrical map most and least distorted?

it is most distorted at the poles, least distorted at the equatoryou're welcome :]

What is the The difference between Mercator map and equal area map?

Equal-Area maps are more of the true shape, and mercator distorts it more

Landmasses near the poles are distorted on this type of map?

Mercator Map

What map feature allows readers to determine the distances size and dimensions of feature on a map?

The scale of the map allows distances to be measured. For instance: a map scale of 1:50 000 means that 1cm on the map is equal to 50,000cm on the land. Contour lines are lines of equal height, and allows the height and slope of hills, valleys, etc, on the map to be estimated.

What kind of map shows true sizes but distort shapes?

The "Peter Projection" (also called the Gall-Peters projection) has accurate relative areas but distorted shapes. It is is one specialization of a configurable equal-area map projection known as the equal-area cylindric.These projections preserve area:Gall orthographic (also known as Gall-Peters, or Peters, projection)Albers conicLambert azimuthal equal-areaLambert cylindrical equal-areaMollweideHammerBriesemeisterSinusoidalWernerBonneBottomleyGoode's homolosineHobo-DyerCollignonTobler hyperelliptical

What map is distorted near the poles.?

the one that spells "your mom loves me"

What type of map projection portrays accurate sizes but distorts the shapes of land masses?

These are simply called "equal area projections" - they maintain the same area as on a globe, but the shapes are distorted the farther you go from the selected great circle, typically the equator for north-oriented projections. These projections are usually cylindrical, such as the Lambert Equal-Area, the Behrmann, and the Mollweide projections.

What type of map is most distorted at the poles?


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