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Q: What fields of mathematics uses pascals triangle?
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What are three practical uses for pascals triangle?

There are a variety of practical uses for Pascal's triangle. Some of these include algebra, probability, as well as triangular numbers.

Who uses pascals triangle nowadays?

Well Pascal doesn't use it much. Math people and maybe a few scientists.

Importance of mathematics for students?

It has applications in many fields, as well as being linked to increased learning and understanding in general. It also has multiple uses in everyday life.

What is the meaning of trigonometry?

The word trigonometry comes from two Greek words, trigonon, meaning triangle, and metria, meaning measurement. This is the branch of mathematics that deals with the ratios between the sides of right triangles with reference to either of its acute angles and enables you to use this information to find unknown sides or angles of any triangle. Trigonometry is not just an intellectual exercise, but has uses in the fields of engineering, surveying, navigation, archicecture, and even rocket science.

What uses pascals principles?

hydraulics Joshua Davis Baton Rouge, La Central High School

What is the uses of discrete mathematics in daily life?

we use discrete mathematics in industry and business

Why do You Uses Mathematics?

because we need to count

What is the branch of mathematics that uses letters called variables in place of numerals?

Algebra is the branch of mathematics that uses letters called variables in place of numerals. Algebra is an extremely important foundation of every branch of mathematics.

Application of mathematics?

Lots and lots and lots. Just off the top of my head, anything that uses quantum physics is based off of Hilbert space theory and operator analysis, which are both (older) fields of math.

What is contemporary mathematics?

Contemporary mathematics refers to mathematics in general application and can be used anytime, anywhere and regardless of who uses it. In general, business mathematics and mathematics of investment may be well classified under this category.

What is the uses of zero 0 in mathematics?

To indicate nothing is there.

Who uses mathematics to propose untested ideas?

experimental scientist