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That's not math, you dipwad.

L2have common sense.

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Q: What form is a legend or folklore written in?
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What is the folklore to the legend of narcissus?

The folklore to the legend of Narcissus is a tall tale.

What has the author Brandon Henderson written?

Brandon Henderson has written: 'The legend of the kukui nut' -- subject(s): Folklore, Candlenut tree

What has the author Katharine - McMillan - Beals written?

Katharine - McMillan - Beals has written: 'Flower lore and legend' -- subject- s -: Flowers, Folklore

What is some Cuban folklore?

The only folklore I can think of is the legend of El Bizarron.

What has the author Susan Williamson Smith written?

Susan Williamson Smith has written: 'The legend of Multnomah Falls' -- subject(s): Indians of North America, Folklore

What has the author Terry Small written?

Terry Small has written: 'The legend of William Tell' -- subject(s): Folklore, Juvenile literature, Legends, Stories in rhyme, Wilhelm Tell, William Tell 'The legend of Pecos Bill' -- subject(s): Folklore, Legends, Pecos Bill (Legendary character), Stories in rhyme, Tall tales

What is a Libishomen?

Its a werewolf/vampire kinda hybrid in folklore or legend.

What is the Genre of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

Comedy, folklore, suspense

What has the author Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge written?

Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge has written: 'The legend of Strap Buckner' -- subject(s): Folklore, Legends 'Thank You Very Much, Captain Ericsson'

What has the author Katharine M Beals written?

Katharine M. Beals has written: 'Flower lore and legend' -- subject(s): Flowers, Fiction, Folklore, History and criticism, Flowers in literature

What has the author Mehlli Gobhai written?

Mehlli Gobhai has written: 'Usha, the mouse-maiden' -- subject(s): Folklore 'The legend of the orange princess' -- subject(s): Folklore 'Lakshmi, the water buffalo who wouldn't' -- subject(s): Fiction 'Usha' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Love, Mice, Wisdom 'The blue jackal' -- subject(s): Fiction, Folklore, Jackals

Is robin real or a legend?

No one is definite about the answer, he may just be folklore