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It depends on the shape.

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2012-10-13 11:10:42
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Q: What formula do you use to find the volume of a shape with well defined sides?
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What is the formula to find volume of trapezoidal shape?

If you mean volume of a trapezoidal prism then it is: 0.5*(sum of parallel sides)*height*length

How do you manipulate perimeter formula?

The formula for the perimeter of a shape depends on the shape. It is the sum of the lengths of all the sides that enclose the shape.

How do you find the volume of an object with defined sides?

Multiply the figures of the 3 sides - a x b x c , this figure is the volume.

A square is defined as what?

A geometric shape with four sides, where all four sides are of an equal length.

What is the quadrilateral formula?

A quadrilateral is a shape that has 4 sides.

Can a cubic meter be a shape?

A cubic metre is a measure of the volume of a shape. It can be the volume of infinitely many shapes. A cube with sides of 1 metre is probably the simplest shape with the required volume.

What is the formula for a five sided shape?

The formula is: number of sides = number of vertices = 5.

What is the volume with sides 8 in 12.5 in and 10 in?

It depends on the shape. There is nothing in the question that indicates that the shape is a cuboid. If the shape is a cuboid then the volume is 8x12.5x10 = 1000

What is the formula for calculate the volume of trapezoid?

There is none because a trapezoid is a 2D shape but if you meant the area it is:- Area in square units = 0.5*(sum of parallel sides)*height

What is the Equation for volume of a pentagon?

A pentagon is a 2-D shape. You can't find the volume of it unless it's 3-D. The formula for the area of a pentagon has something to do with the perimeter, the number of sides, the apothem, and the number 2.

What makes a shape a rhombus?

a rhombus is defined as a quadrilateral that has two pairs of parallel sides and the sides are congruent

Formula to find volume of a trapezoid?

There is none because a trapezoid is a 2D shape but the area is as follows measured in square units:- Area = 0.5*(sum of parallel sides)*height

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