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Let the required fraction be x

1 km = 1000m

x of 1000m=250

1000x = 250

x = 250/1000


Hence, 1/4 of 1 km is 250m.

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Q: What fraction of one kilometers is 250metres?
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How many kilometers are in 250metres?


What fraction of 1 km in 250?

The answer will depend on 250 WHAT. It should be obvious to anybody that 250metres and 250 centimetres, for example, will give very different answers.

What fraction is one hundred meters equal in one kilometers?

1/10 (one tenth)

What fraction of 2 kilometers is 250 meters?

One eighth (1/8)

What fraction of 45 kilometers is 9 kilometers?

9/45 = 3/15 = 1/5

How do you convert a fraction into kilometers?

4750 metre convert to fraction in kilometre

What is the range of wireless internet?

To be honest it depends on the type of router ( wireless box with antenna ). Some good ones are 250metres, and the smaller ones are about 25-60.

Why is it that kilometers greater than nanometer?

Kilo- is a multiple of a metre, nano- is a fraction of a metre.

How do you write 9 kilometers as a fraction?

That's 9/10 of a 10 K race.

How do you convert meter in kilometer?

1 metre is 1 thousand of a kilometre. 1000metres = kilometre 500metres = 1/2 kilometre 250metres = 1/4 kilometre Easy :)

What fraction is greater than six an one third?

The fraction seven and one third is one such fraction.

What fraction of 1 kilometers is 125 m?

It is: 125/1000 or 1/8 in its simplest form