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Q: What geometric figure represented by a corner of a room?
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What is a geometric term that describes a corner of the living room?


How do you figure if a room is square for laminate wood flooring?

Measure from opposing corner to opposing corner across the room, if the length is the same the room is square.

If you were in a green dark room and you saw a white figure in the corner what is the figure?

Your photography instructor; wondering why the heck the lights are on in the dark room.

If you were in a empty room and you saw a white figure in the corner how many objects are in the room?

You only said no one. There could be any number of objects in there with you. Therefore, the question is impossible to answer accurately.

What is the center of 108x204 floor?

If the room is empty, you can run one string from corner to corner of the room one way and another corner to corner the other way and where the strings cross will be the center of the room

What geometric idea is suggested by a floor in a room?


There's two in every room and one in every corner?

the letter o. 2 in room 1 in corner

What are the release dates for A Corner in the Play Room - 1902?

A Corner in the Play Room - 1902 was released on: USA: December 1902

If you had to pee in a circle room what corner would you pee in?

You can't pee in a corner the whole room is round lol nice try though :)

How do you use corner in a sentence?

Example sentence - She placed a floor lamp in the corner of the room.

What is more appropriate as guest room design; floral or geometric patterns?

You definitely can mix floral patterns with geometric designs. I recommend using a contemporary floral pattern on the walls and use stripes and pillows with geometric shapes on the bed.

How do you ensure a room is square when laying tile?

If the room is supposedly a rectangle, then you can measure each diagonal. If the diagonals are equal, then all 4 corners are 90° angles. See the diychatroom link that I'm posting. It tells how to figure out which corner isn't a right angle.