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Q: What geometric shape can be described as a fixed distance along a line?
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What geometric figure is described as the set of points equidistant from a fixed point?

It could be a circle or a sphere

The center of a circle is a example of what?

The center of a circle is an example of a point equidistant from all points on the circle's circumference, serving as the geometric midpoint of the shape. It is a key element for defining the circle's properties and relationships with other geometric figures.

What are geometric boundaries?

Geometric boundaries are boundaries that are defined by straight lines, circles, or other geometric shapes on a map. They are commonly used in political or administrative divisions to demarcate regions, territories, or properties based on a clear and fixed geometric design. Examples include straight lines along latitudes and longitudes or boundaries defined by rivers or mountains.

What physical quantities are measured along the axes of a position time graph?

Time and the distance from a fixed point (the origin) - either in a fixed direction or radially.

What is a Ring shaped geometric figure?

A ring shaped geometric figure is called a circle. It is defined as the set of all points in a plane that are at a given distance (radius) from a fixed point (center). Circles have no corners or edges, and the distance across the circle through the center is called the diameter.

Comperism between geometric unsharpnes and radiographic unsharpness?

geometric unsharpness is fixed by setting the focal radius,etc. while radiographic unsharpness consists of both geometric and film unsharpness.

How is the position of a particle moving along a straight line described by a number?

The position of the particle can be given by a number representing the distance of the particle from some fixed reference point (called the origin). This is not enough to describe the motion of the particle since for that you also required the time (or times) at which the particle is at any particular point.

What are 3 ways a wave can be described?

A wave can be described by its wavelength (distance between two consecutive crests or troughs), frequency (number of crests passing a fixed point per unit of time), and amplitude (maximum displacement of a wave from its rest position).

Differentiate between arithmetic series and geometric series?

In an arithmetic series, each term is defined by a fixed value added to the previous term. This fixed value (common difference) may be positive or negative.In a geometric series, each term is defined as a fixed multiple of the previous term. This fixed value (common ratio) may be positive or negative.The common difference or common ratio can, technically, be zero but they result in pointless series.

Circle and its elements?

A circle is the locus of a point which moves such that its distance from a fixed point is constant. .The fixed point is centre and fixed distance is radius of circle. Elements of circle are centre, radius and circumference.

Does a fixed pulley increase distance output?

No, a fixed pulley does not increase the distance output. It changes the direction of the force applied, but the amount of work input remains the same as the output distance.

Runway fixed distance markings?

Fixed distance markings are white rectangulars marked 300m from the treshold assuming that the aircraft passes the treashold at 50'.