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A pie chart<------Apex <('-'<)

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Q: What graph would you use to show the percentages of boys and girls in your class?
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Which graph would you use to show percentages?

A pie graph is best for using to show percentages.

What type of data would you use a circle graph show?


What kind of graph would best show percentages?

A pie chart.

Dave wants to illustrate how many boys and girls there are in his class what would be the best way to display this data?

bar graph

What visual displays would be best for describting the percentages of different gases in the atmosphere?

line graph

Which graph would best show what percent of you class wears glasses?

any of these graphs would be it: bar graph line graph circle graph

Which form of visual display would be best for describing the percentages of different gases in the atmosphere?

Cirle Graph.

What kind of graph would best show the number of siblings of the students in your class?

circle graph

What kind of graph would you use to show the ages of kids in a class room?

bar graph.

When would it be easier to use a graph instead of a table?

depends on what your trying to do. percentages need pie charts, but tables are pretty good.

How do you complete pie graphs?

A pie graph needs to be 100% full to be a pie. If you are trying to do the religions of a country you would put the religions and there percentages. A pie graph always needs to be 100% full

What is a circle graph use?

A circle graph is used for showing something divided into portions. For example, a circle graph with the title "Trash in the Atlantic Ocean" would have sections and percentages of each section with labels of each section of each type of trash in the Atlantic Ocean.

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