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its called a boooyahhh!

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Q: What hairstyle is the one with a ponytail and shaved sides?
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Can Selena still get her hair in a ponytail with her new hairstyle?

Yes, but a small one.

What is the hairstyle with just the hair on the side of the head shaved off?

A Mowhawk is the one where the sides are completely shaved off, as well as part of the back, leaving just a single, solid strip of hair from the center of the forehead to the base of the skull.

What were some laws of the qing dynasty?

you tell me thats why i got on this page!

What wear did heathers hair go in total drama island?

Do you mean what styles she wears? Ponytail, and straight. AND BALD! WOO HOO! THAT EPISODE WAS THE BEST ONE. When she gets her hair shaved off, and then she LOSES! carla520

What is the meaning of a ponytail in the Midwest?

A ponytail is a simple, quick hairstyle formed by pulling back and tying up the hair (it has to be long enough to stay back!) near the nape of the neck (low ponytail) or on the head (high ponytail) - more commonly centered in the back of the head, but one pulled back off-center is referred to as a side ponytail - and somewhat infrequently on the top of the head. It is most commonly worn by women, but is sometimes also worn by men with long hair. It does not have any particular meaning - it is just a very convenient way to keep hair out of one's face, restrain it from interfering with any activities, or keep it from getting caught in anything.

What does ponytails mean?

I'm assuming you intended to write: "Ponytail Syndrome" or something similar. In which case the symptoms would be pain on the back or circumference of the head, originating from the hair follicles. The general term for pain in the scalp is Trichodynia. Alternately: the symptoms of having a ponytail include the attenuation of cranial hairs through use of a band or other fastening agent into a flagellate shape, being a girl who is exercising, smelling constantly of dope, liking jazz or its regional equivalant, and being called names like "sunshine" or "California".

What is a horse's favorite hairstyle?

Well horses don't have a favourite hairstyle xx But they like it being plaited up or just left down to one side , As long as you cut there fringe so they can see I really don't think that there that fussed xxx <3 Hope this helps

What is the best hairstyle for a 12 year old punk rocker with thick hair and an oval shape face?

if its a girl pined up or shaved into a Mohawk or flipped all to one side combed and brushed you also can relax it

What are easy hair styles for thick hair in the summer?

One easy hairstyle is a simple ponytail. The hair will stay off of your neck, reducing heat and should only take about five minutes. You can also pick your hair up and put it in a bun.

How do you get George Lopez's hairstyle?

One cannot make a replica hairstyle of his

Did john Adams wear a ponytail?

Possibly. The paintings of him show long hair, but it is hard to tell if there is a ponytail. The style of the time was a ponytail so it is possible he had one.

Where can one view hairstyle pictures?

One can view hairstyle pictures in many places - for example in magazines such as OK! and Hello! Hairstyle pictures can also be seen on the internet at sites such as Cosmopolitan, and also by doing an image search for the specific hairstyle.