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Q: What happens to frankenstien at seventeen?
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What is the name of Frankenstien's bride?

Frankenstien's wifes name was Elizabeth Lavenza.

Is frankenstien a zombie?


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Was frankenstien real?

No Frankestien was just a story

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What can you wear for a Halloween party which is green?

A Frankenstien costume.

Does Frankenstien have freckles?

Dr. Frankenstein probably did, but as for his monster I don't know.

What do the female characters in Frankenstein have in common?

What do the female characters in frankenstien have in common

Who played in Young Frankenstien?

Gene Wilder, And Peter boyle played the monster.

What will happens to us if we go seventeen meters underwater?

We will experience a pressure 2.7 times atmospheric pressure.

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Who is Julian 'Frankenstein' McGarth?

Julian 'Frankenstien' McGarth was a character in the 1999 movie Big Daddy.