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Q: What happens when you flip the card board when there is the coin on the top of the cardboard?
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What is the probability of blindly selecting a red or black card from a deck of 52 cards?

50/50 or the same as head or tails with a coin

Are Louisiana State Quarters with no ridges on the side rare and if they are how much are they worth?

Only if the coin is a little bigger than normal, if so it may be a broadstrike error. That happens when a coin is struck with out the collar die and the coin spread out more. Take it to a dealer to be sure. Values for a state quarter are about $100.00

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What is this coin worth it has Arabic writing and looks like a two pound coin?

I suggest you get a good coin book and search for your coin in there.

What is independent probability?

An independent probability is a probability that is not based on any other event.An example of an independent probability is a coin toss. Each toss is independent, i.e. not related to, any prior coin toss.An example of a dependent probability is the probability of drawing a second Ace from a deck of cards. The probability of the second Ace is dependent on whether or not a first Ace was drawn or not. (You can generalize this to any two cards because the sample space for the first card is 52, while the sample space for the second card is 51.)

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What happens when you slowly pulled the cardboard and explain?

As you slowly pull the cardboard, the friction between the cardboard and your hand creates a force in the opposite direction of the pull. This force resists the motion of the cardboard and causes it to move gradually. Additionally, the adhesive properties of any glue or tape on the cardboard may also affect the ease of pulling.

what happens when you slowly pulled the cardboard?

When I slowly pulled the cardboard, the coin placed on top of the cardboard remained at rest but was dragged along with cardboard. Explanation: That is because, the coin was dragged by the force in the surface of the cardboard called friction.

What happen when you slowly fulled the cardboard and it have a coin in top?

the coin will at rest because you slowly pull the cardboard

What happene when you pulling the cardboard?

When I slowly pulled the cardboard, the coin placed on top of the cardboard remained at rest but was dragged along with cardboard. Explanation: That is because, the coin was dragged by the force in the surface of the cardboard called friction.

What happened according to Newton's Law of Inertia and Law of Motion when you slowly pulled the cardboard that had a coin sitting on it with the cardboard covering a glass of water Explain?

According to Newton's Law of Inertia, the coin on the cardboard would tend to stay at rest when the cardboard is pulled slowly due to its inertia. As you pull the cardboard, the coin will initially stay in place relative to the glass of water due to its inertia. However, when the force increases or the cardboard is pulled quickly, the coin will slide off the cardboard due to the force exerted on it.

What happened to the coin when you slowly pulled the cardboard?

As you slowly pull the cardboard, the coin will gradually slide down the inclined plane due to gravity. The friction between the coin and the cardboard will also play a role in determining the speed at which the coin moves.

If put cardboard on top of a beaker place a coin on the cardboard?

If you place a coin on top of the cardboard covering the beaker, it will not fall into the beaker due to gravity. The coin's weight is spread out evenly on the cardboard surface, preventing it from piercing through. However, it is always recommended to handle laboratory equipment carefully to prevent accidents.

What happened to the coin when you pulled the cardboard away?

When the cardboard is pulled away quickly, the coin remains in place due to inertia. The coin tends to stay at rest until a force is applied to move it.

Is card or coin magic cooler?


How much does the meez vip card and the meez coin card cost?

The meez vip card and coin card are the same.You can buy it at target for $10.The card gives you meez vip and 10,500 coins.

Where is the pin on an ultimate game card?

On the back of the card where is says to gently scrape off with a coin, scrape the silver away with a coin. The pin will be there!

What happens when you lay a coin on the railroad track?

When the train wheels run over the coin they will smash the coin a little. The coin will be flatter.