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Take your choice from a square, a rhombus, a parallelogram or a rectangle.

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Q: What has 4 sides and opposite sides are parallel?
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4 sides opposite sides are equal opposite sides are parallel?


Opposite sides not parallel 4 sides and 4 angles?


What shape has 4 sides Opposite sides are congruent Opposite sides are parallel Opposite angles are congruent?


What is the opposite sides of a parallelogram are both parallel?

The opposite sides of a parallelogram are parallel lines and a parallelogram is a 4 sided quadrilateral

How many sides are there in parallelogram?

Parallelograms have 4 sides, it is a quadrilateral with the opposite sides parallel, and the opposite angles are congruent.4

What has opposite sides not parallel that has 4 sides and 4 angles?

A general quadrilateral.

What shape has 4 sides and 4 angles and opposite sides that are not parallel?

That would be a trapezoid with no parallel sides. Also referred to as a Trapezium.

How many parallel sides does a square have?

A square has four parallel sides (two pairs of parallel sides).

Are the sides of a rhombus congruent and parallel?

All 4 sides are congruent and opposite sides are parallel to each other.

What shape has opposite sides that are parallel?

Any regular polygon with an even number of sides will have opposite sides that are parallel. For quadrilaterals (4-sided shapes), a trapezoid has one set of opposite sides and a parallelogram (rectangle, square, rhombus) has both sets of opposite sides parallel.

What is a shape with 4 sides with opposite sides parallel and equal?

an perticulogram

What has 4 sides with opposite sides are the same length and parallel?

a square