What has 6 identical sides?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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a cube! a cube is basically 6 squares put together, which we know all have equal sides.

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Q: What has 6 identical sides?
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Is 6 symmetrical?

no ****************** Draw a vertical line through the centre of the number 6. As both sides are not identical, then there is no symmetry. Do the same with a capital H, and there is symmetry, as both sides of the vertical line are identical.

What shape has 4 congruent sides and 2 pairs of congruent angles?

Angles and sides are congruent when they are identical. A shape with four identical sides and angles is a square.

How do you classify a triangal by its sides?

Three identical angles.

In what triangle are all sides congruent?

A triangle with all the sides congruent is called an equilateral triangle. It has three identical side lengths and three identical angles of 60°.

Could an equilateral triangel also be an obtuse triangel?

no,the sides of an equalateral triangle have identical measurements whereas the sides of an obtuse triangle has only two identical measurements.

How many shape does a rectangular prism have?

it has six sides, 4 identical faces and two identical bases

Are a girls curves supposed to be identical on both sides?

Of course not. Everybody is different. Nothing is identical on any human

When both sides of a shape are identical it's called?


What does issosceles mean in maths?

two identical sides on a triangle

What is an even sided shape?

a perfect square; it is an even number of sides (4); and all sides are identical

How are two angles triangles be congruent?

If they have identical sides and angles then they are congruent

What shape has 5 equal sides and 5 identical angles?