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Gymnastic equitments

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Q: What has two rings a mat and parallel bars?
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What are parallel bars?

Parallel bars are a piece of mens gymnastics apparatus parallel bars are two raised wooden bars that run parallel to each other

What are the two bars close to each other that gymnast use?

they are called the parallel bars

What is parallel in gymnastic?

If you mean the parallel bars, that is a boys' event. A parallel bar is an apparatus that you perform tricks on. Parallel bars are usually plastic, but are made to look like wood. They are two long rods of plastic that are the same height.

Which two sports in the Summer Olympics are the only sports NOT open to women?

baseball and in gymnastics these events: pommel horse, still rings, parallel bars, and high bar guys aren't allowed to do syncronized gymnastics and rythmic gymnastics

What two summer Olympic events do men not compete in?

Synchronized swimming and parallel uneven bars in gymnastics

Where do you find the time capsule in poptropica?

you can go to the playground and between the two middle bars {not the one with the rings ,or with those sticks the middle two].

What are the all round mens gymnastics events?

Floor Vault Rings High Bar P-Bars (Parallel Bars) Pommel Horse There is also: Trampoline Power tumbling (kinda) ^these last two are not really events in gymnastics... so if you were to start training for gymnastics you probably wouldn't be doing the trampoline or power tumbling unless you wanted to.

When are two lines nonintersecting?

When two lines are parallel, then they do not intersect.

The cat sat on the mat how many nouns are contained in this sentence?

Two: cat and mat.

How many pairs of parallel sides does a rhombus have?

2There are two parallel sides....A rhombus has two pairs of opposite parallel sides.There are two parallel sides....A rhombus has two pairs of opposite parallel sides.

What quadrilaterals have two parallel sides'?

Squares, rectangles, parallelograms and rhombuses have two parallel sides. The other two are also parallel. A trapezium has only two parallel sides.

If two lines are parallel to a third line then the two lines are parallel?

They are parallel to each other.

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