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Q: What hole do you finger on a girl the first one or second one?
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How do you play a C note on the recorder?

put your thumb on the bottom hole and your middle finger on the second and lift your pointer finger off the first hole.

What is the note D on the recorder?

All the holes covered = lower C. Second from top covered and back hole covered all others open = top C.

What finger is d on the recorder?

Middle finger, no thumb, second hole.

Im a guy and you dont no what hole you finger a girl in?

See the clit? under it there's a hole, that's where you finger her, or you could just finger her ass...

Which hole does a guy finger a girl in?

the hole they have sex in the last one at the bottom DEPENDS ON THE GUYS TASTE

What does high c look like on recorder?

it's when you cover the back hole and the second hole with your middle finger

Should a girl finger a boy?

u get ur middle finger (because its the longest) and where the hole is that the penis goes into the vagina, place ur finger there then push into her and out The question was " how SHOULD a boy finger a girl " and NOT how a boy SHOULDN'T finger a girl, that is how you don't do it, unless you don't want her to let you do it again.

How many fingers for the note d on the recorder?

Middle finger on the second hole and no thumb

How do you play high d on recorder?

put your finger on the bottom hole and the second hole and blow like your fogging a window

How do you play high c on the recorder?

You put your middle finger on the second hole with your thumb on the hole in the back then blow soft air.

Licking the middle hole of a girl?

mmm, girls love that!eat that girl outt.nexxt finger her & let her do some to you!just screw her!

If you stick your finger into a mini black hole will you get completely stuck or just lose the finger?

You can't "stick your finger into" a mini black hole: if you got close enough to "be in it" then you would be sucked in along with millions of kgs of mass before it winked out in a billionth of a second.