What is 0.6 in mm?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The answer depends on the unit used for 0.6: it should be blindingly obvious to anybody that the answer for 0.6 micrometres and 0.6 feet will be very different.

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Q: What is 0.6 in mm?
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How do you convert 30-06 ammunition to MM?

A 30-06 in MM is a 7.62x61 round. Also considered a 30 cal.

How many mm is a 30 06 rifle?


What is the bolt pattern for a 06 buick allure?

5x115 mm

What is more powerful a 7 mm or 30-06?

7mm, yo.

Does mm in writing your birthday mean month?

Yes. DD = Day MM = Month YYYY = Year. MM/DD/YYY Ex. 06/04/ 1996

How many cm in 60 mm?

1000 mm = 1m1m = 100cm60mm = .06 m.06m = 6cm

How many milliters are in 06 centimeters?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 cm=10 mm 6 cm=60 mm

What is the length of the Lincoln Navigator?

First generationLength; 204.8 in (5,200 mm)_________________________________Second generation2003-04: 206.0 in (5,230 mm)2005-06: 207.5 in (5,270 mm_________________________________Third generationLength SWB: 208.4 in (5293 mm)L: 223.3 in (5672 mm)Length

The day month and year?

... Can be written like this: 1. 2010-06-10 yyyy-mm-dd 2. 10/6-2010 day/month-year 3. 10-06-10 yy-mm-dd 4. 10th of June 2010 5. 2010,10th of June

Is a 7 mm gun or a 30 ot 6 bigger?

The 30-06 ( say thirty ought six) fires a bullet that is 7.62 mm in diameter. The 7mm fires a bullet this is, well...... 7mm. 30-06 has a bigger bullet. The size of the GUN can- and does- vary. BTW- catridges such as the 7mm MAGNUM will have greater energy than a 30-06. So- what is your definition of bigger?

How many mm in 1ft?

Hey. hope this will help you somehow

What is 1.6 millimeters?

1. 6 mm is about 0. 06 inches long. This is a very short length, about the width of a thin cord.