What is 1000 centimetres long?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that

1 m=100 cm

10 m=1000 cm

10 m is 1000 centimetres long

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Q: What is 1000 centimetres long?
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How long is a decameter in centimeters?

1 decametre = 1000 centimetres. 1 decametre = 1000 centimetres. 1 decametre = 1000 centimetres. 1 decametre = 1000 centimetres.

How do you you draw a scale for a rectangle that was 80 meters long and 50meters wide 80mter?

You can draw the rectangle 5 centimetres wide by 8 centimetres long. The scale will 1 : 1000

How many feet are there in 1000 centimetres?

There are 30.48 centimetres in one foot. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 1000 centimetres is equal to 1000/30.48 = 32.81 feet.

How do you convert centimeters to decametres?

There are 1000 centimetres in one decametre. Therefore, to convert centimetres to decametres, divide by 1000. For example, 12000 centimetres is equal to 12000/1000 = 12 decametres.

How many centimetres in a liter?

Litre is 1000 CUBIC centimetres

How many kilometers are there in 1000 centimeters?

There are 100000 centimetres in one kilometre. Therefore, 1000 centimetres is equal to 1000/100000 = 0.01 kilometres.

What measure equals 1000 cubic centimetres?

1 cubic decimeter = 1000 cubic centimeters

How many centimeters are there in 1000 metres?

There are 100 centimetres in one metre. Therefore, 1000 metres is equal to 1000 x 100 = 100000 centimetres.

How many decimeters are in 100 centimeters?

1000 centimetres

What is the volume of an aluminum cube with edges that are 10 cm long?

10*10*10 = 1000 cubic centimetres.

How long in centimeters would a line of 1000 base 10 rods be?

It would be 100 centimetres in a 1000 base ten rod! YAY, I got it right!

What is 1 liter in cm2?

It's actually in cm3. 1 liter is 1000 cm3.