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2.48 × 108 km

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Q: What is 248 million kilometers in scientific notation?
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What is 248 billion kilometers in scientific notation?

2.48 × 1011 kilometers.

How many miles equal 248 kilometers.?

Answer: 248 km = 154.100 mi.

How many kilometers of 248 nautical miles?

248 nautical miles = 459.29600 kilometres

How many kilometers are between Helsinki and Stockholm?

About 400 kilometers or 248 miles

How many kilometers are in 248 miles?

399.12 km

What is the area of Udenu?

The area of Udenu is 248 square kilometers.

How would you write 248 as a Roman numeral?

In today's notation of Roman numerals it is: CCXLVIII

How far is it from dodge city to topeka?

248 miles or 399 kilometers.

How faraway is Andromeda from earth in scientific notation planned out?

Andromeda is a constellation consisting of many stars. They are at various distances from the earth. The nearest star, Ross 248 or HH-Andromedae is only 10.30 light yeras away = 1.03*101 ly in scientific notation. The furthest was S Andromeda, a start which, in 1885, went Supernova. It is (or its remnants are) at a distance of 2,600,000 light years or 2.6*106 ly.

How many kilometers between Lloydminster AB and Edmonton AB?

It is 248 kilometers or 154 miles according to Google Maps.

When was the paleozioc era?

It was in between about 590 and 248 million years ago and it lasted about 342 million years.

There are 1.6 km in a mile. the distance between two cities is 248 miles. how many kilometers apart are the two cities?

1.6 x 248 = 396.8