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325 kilopascals equal 47.137 psi (pounds per square inch) There is a fine calculator for the conversion of pressure or stress units. Scroll down to related links and look at "Pressure or Stress Units".

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Q: What is 325 kilo pascals in pounds per square inch?
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What is 350 kilo pascals in pounds per square inch?

350 kilopascals = 50.76 pounds per square inch.

Two different units to measure air pressure?

kilo pascals and pounds per square inch

What is 220 kilo pascals in pounds per square inch?

220 kilopascals is equivalent to approximately 31.9 pounds per square inch.

How is boost measured?

boost is pressure. units of pressure is pounds per square inch(psi), atmospheres (bar), and kilo pascals (kpa)

Which is the unit of the atmosphere pressure?

Depending on the units used in your country - air pressure is measured in either Pounds per Square Inch (PSI), or - Kilo Pascals (kPa).

How many pascals are 101.3 kilo pascals?

"kilo" means a thousand. So 101300 pascals.

238 kilo pascals is how many centi pascals?

23800000 centipascals

How do you convert kilo pascals to pascals?

Whenever you're working with units of measure, the prefix "kilo ..." almost always means "one thousand", as it does in this case. 1 kilopascal = 1,000 pascals

How many atmospheres in 97.8 kilo pascals?

97.8 kilopascals = 97800 pascals = 0.965210694 atmosphere (atm) phys.

How many Kilo pascals in one Bar?

1 bar is 100kPa

What does 400 kpa mean?

400 Kilo Pascals... it is a measure of pressure.

How do you Convert 88.52 kilo pascals to newtons?

1 pascal is 1 newton per square meter. Pressure = force divided by area. 88.52 kilopascals are 88.52 kilonewtons per square meter..