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Q: What is 3 2 over 7 as a top heavy fraction?
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What is 1 and 2 over 3 as a top heavy fraction?

1 and 2/3 is 5/3 as a 'top heavy' fraction

What is six and two over four as a top heavy fraction?

2 over1

What is 15 over 2 simplified into a fraction?

15/2 = 71/2, but as a top heavy fraction and not a mixed number, it is as simple as you can get it.

What is 2 a a fraction?

It is simply 2/1 as an improper fraction or a 'top heavy fraction'

What is 7 halves as an improper fraction?

It is 7/2.

What is 2.00 in a fraction?

2.00 is the same as 2 which is 2/1 as an improper or 'top heavy' fraction

What is 18 over 12 reduced?

Expressed as a top-heavy fraction in its simplest form, 18/12 = 3/2 or three over two.

What is 2.333333 as a fraction?

2.33r is as a mixed fraction 2 1/3, or as a top heavy fraction 7/3

What does improper fraction equivalent mean?

The improper fraction or 'top heavy' fraction of 5/2 is equivalent to 10/4

Can 279 over 100 be canceled down as a fraction?

Since it is a top-heavy fraction, 279/100 can be simplified to a mixed number - as 2 79/100 or two and seventy-nine hundredths.

What does a whole number and a fraction make?

a mixed number. example: 1+1/2, or a top heavy fraction, 1+1/2 = 3/2

What is the difference between a top heavy fraction and a mixed number?

A top heavy fraction is one in which the top number is greater than the bottom number, such as 7/5. Top heavy fractions are not excepted as final answers. A mixed number is one where the top number is divided into the bottom number, so that it is not top heavy, such as 1 2/5, which is the same as 7/5.