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Get all your divisors the same so I'd go for 12 since both 3 and 4 can be made to 12 easily.

Then get all your fractions into that divisor.

Remember to do the same to the top and bottom.

and 2/3 becomes (2*4) over (3*4) = 8/12

and 1/4 becomes (1*3) over (4*3) = 3/12

So our sum is now 8 - 11/12

7 and 1/12 is the final answer. (7*12 = 84)

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Q: What is 8 minus two thirds minus one fourth equal?
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Five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth is equal to 1.04

What is two third minus one fourth?

Two thirds minus one fourth is equal to five twelfths.

What is 3 and one thirds minus one fourth?

three and one twelfth

What does 1 minus one third equal?

Two thirds.

What is two thirds minus one fourth a cup of oil?

5/12 of a cup of oil

What is two-thirds minus one-fourth?

Five-twelfths or 5/12

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Eleven twelfths.

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2/3 minus 1/12 is 7/12.

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Five and a quarter minus two and a quarter is equal to 5 1/4 - 2 1/4 = 3.

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one forth

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negative 2 and two thirds

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One minus two thirds is one third.