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In International Indian System we use ones,tens,hundreds,thousands and then lakhs and crores.

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Q: What is Indian system of numeration?
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How the numeralsdiffer in Indian and Arabic system of numeration?


What comes next to crore In Indian system of numeration?


What is this number 1324567890132456789026 in Indian system of numeration called?

irrational numbers.

Comparision of Indian and international system of numeration?

100034 insert commas suitably and write write the number names in internationalsyestem of numeration answer

Why is your system of numeration called a Hindu Arabic system?

The decimal system has this name because it was first used by Indian mathematicians and was then adopted by Persian and other Arabic mathematicians. It then later spread to the western world and became the world's primary system of numeration.

In indian system of numeration 1 billion is equal to how many thousands?

One billion is a million thousands which is 10 lakh thousands.

What are the different numeration system?

Base 2 system (Binary)Base 3 systemThere are too many numeration systems to name.

How do you write 473050972 in words in Indian system of numeration?

Forty seven crore thirty lakh fifty thousand nine hundred seventy two.

How many 4-digit numbers are there in the hindu-arabic numeration system?

There are 9000 4-digit numbers in hindu-arabic numeration system

What is the advantage of the Hindu-Arabic numeration system over that of other numeration systems like Roman Numeration System?

i have now ideaImproved Answer:-It contains a zero figure thus facilitating the ease and speed of calculating numbers.

What is after million in international numeration system?


What are the differences and similarities of numeration system to Hindu Arabic?

There is a difference in the numeration system of Hindu Arabic compared to other societies numeration system. The Hindu Arabic system uses symbols to represent the numbers that are lower than ten, while other societies use numbers instead of symbols.