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Q: What is The diameter of a circle is 2 kilometers. What is the circle's area?
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What is the circles area if the diameter is 8?

Area of the circle = 16*pi square units

What is the area of a circle if it has a diameter of 24kilometers?

radius = diameter/2 = 24 kilometers/2 = 12 kilometers Area of circle = πr2 = 3.1415 x 122 square kilometers = 452.376 square kilometers

Is the diameter of a circle always the same?

Every diameter of the same circle is the same length, and unless someone comes alongand stretches the circle when you're not looking, the diameter doesn't change.So...YES-----------I disagree...No they are not... all circles would be the same size if that were the case.What remains a constant is that all circles are 360 degrees.==================================The question doesn't ask about " ... the diameter of circles ... ".It asks about " ... the diameter of a circle ... ".The diameter of circles is not always the same, butthe diameter of any one circle is always the same.P.S.: This is not the place to debate the answer.The "discussion area" is.

What would the diameter of two circles of equal size be relative to the diameter of one circle of equal area?

it would be the diameter of the smaller circle times sqrt 2

What is the answer to finding the area of 4 semi-circles with the diameter of 10 centimeters?


For a circle with a diameter of eighty eight kilometers What is the area?

The area would be 5,027 square km

What is the area of a circle that has a diameter of 3.5 kilometers?

Area of the circle = pi*r2 = 3.14159*3.5*3.5 = 38.48 square km

The diameter of a larger circle is 12M what is the area of the non shaded part There are tow shaded circles in a bigger one?

It is difficult to say since there is no image and it is not clear what part is shaded. But, if there is a circle with a 12 metre diameter which contains two equal circles which are as large as possible, then the shaded area is probably 56.55 square metres.

Do concentric circles have the same circles?

No. You can only define a circle by radius, diameter, area, perimeter. Concentric circles have the same centre, therefore, if they were the same circles with the same radius, then they would all lie on top of each other and be effectively one circle.

The area of a circle 6 meters in diameter exceeds the combined areas of a circle 4 meters in diameter and a circle 2 meters in diameter by how many square meters?

The area of a circle with 6 meters diameter is 9xpi square meters. The area of circles with 4 meters diameter and 2 meters diameter are 4xpi and 1xpi square meters respectively. The combined area is 5xpi square meters. Thus the area 6 diameter circle exceeds the combined area by (9-5)xpi= 4xpi square meters. Substituting the value of pi as 3. 14, the exceeding area is 12. 56 square meters.

The diameter of one circle is 11 feet and fifteeen sixteenth and one circle is 10 foot and three quarters What is the gap and how do you do it?

calculate the area of both circles and then subtract the smaller area from the larger area you have your gap.

What is the diameter of a circle with a area of 37.68?

The diameter of a circle with an area of 37.68 is 6.92